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At All Around Fence, we specialize in fences, but our years of experience working with fencing of all kinds also means that we know how to perform a variety of related jobs. Sometimes, this is work that needs to be done to install a fence effectively, such as clearing out underbrush or leveling dirt. Other times we may build roof systems, barns, lean-tos, and even metal frame decks for clients using some of the same tools and know-how we use for our fencing jobs.

Whatever service we perform, we always bring the same level of dedication, skill, and reliability to the job that we would if we were building fence. And if there’s a job we’re not qualified to perform, we’ll tell you up front and even help you find reliable contractors who can tackle it.

As part of our fencing business, we’ve developed a variety of skills and acquired a wide range of tools. We can use a brush hog to clean up underbrush, cut down trees and shrubs, perform dirt work such as leveling and grading, and fill in water gaps. We offer mobile welding services and fabrication work using some of the same tools and techniques that we employ when building metal fences.

In some ways, a fence is just a wall without a roof, and we can translate our fencing expertise to the construction of a variety of outbuildings and structures, including barns, stables, roofed chutes and corrals, shades for grazing animals, lean-tos, and even metal frame decks.


Whether you’re an established client who has used us for residential, commercial, or farm fencing in the past or just someone in need of a reliable, local, and family-owned-and-operated company to handle some brush work, level some dirt, perform some spot welding, or build an outbuilding, call All Around Fence in Springfield, MO. We can even provide you with a FREE estimate!

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